Inspired by Marshall McLuhan most infamous phrase “medium is the message” where technology, which is often perceived as a fundamental threat to human existence. However, his thoughts can be explored in another perspective, as the ‘extensions’ of humanity, prefiguring much current concerning cybernetics and robotics.

Technology changes our lives and our behaviour, good or bad, it is up to the designer to judge whether the pursuance of certain technology to be appropriate. In China, especially in the greater bay area, new types of mixed use developments are getting developed where the focus is to combine technology-based industries with an ecologically friendly live work ethic.



Undisclosed Location in Shenzhen, PRC

Area :

1,048,836 m2

Client :

 Undisclosed Client

Architectural  Design:

QUAD studio

QUAD studio Design Team :

Kelvin Chu, Wai Tang, Adrian Pang, Tim He, Andrea Sze

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Towards a New City of Tomorrow

In 2018, this Future City is one of many developments in Shenzhen focused as a technology incubator in the greater bay area. In search of the city of the future, the functional model of these developments is based on the Technology Parks of Silicon Valley. However, these Technology Parks are usually low-rise and quite dispersed with vast amounts of parkland. The density of these technology parks in this area are much higher giving rise to opportunities to create a new type of technology park. A park that is a hybrid of typical mixed-use developments combined with multi levels of public realms, retail and F&B that seamlessly connects living with the creative work hub.


Rethinking the Technology Park

The Future City combines Grade A office with mid to high-end retail, service apartment and a large residential component. C Future City attempts to define future living by combining the live work equilibrium with Technology, Nature and Art.

This New Future City takes this a step further with the integration of an industrial component to become a true technology incubator hub.

Redefining the industrial component in the hub
These technology incubator hub in Shenzhen pride itself in creating an interwoven array of Creative offices, technology LABs fuelling innovations to state-of-the-art assembly lines that redefines China’s ambition from products made in China to products Designed in China.

For such an ambitious program, we need an innovative urban plan to rethink how this new city model will function.

Quadrivium in Medieval Latin mean the four mathematical liberal arts (geometry, astronomy, arithmetic and music)


Quadrivium also means is a place where four ways meet and QUAD uses the simpler of the 2 terms to represent that combines 4 aspects of the live work equilibrium
  • Work
  • Leisure
  • Lifestyle
  • and Social Activities

With 4 basic principles of Industry 4.0
  • Interoperability – Machine and Human Interface Seamlessly
  • Information Transparency – Boundless Connectivity between the Real and the Virtual World
  • Technical Assistance – Assisting humans on dangerous, unpleasant, exhausting tasks
  • And Decentralized decisions – Machine ability to make their own decisions on simple tasks

For this New Future City, we attempt to create a new type of crossroads for a new type of technology hub.  One that transgress barriers since our time is a time for crossing barriers, for erasing old categories, for probing around in search of new ideas. The lattice of different infrastructure and functions interconnected together to create the basic foundations for the city of the future.


We have Creative Offices – Specially designed to house a variety of creative technology-based companies from the large head quarter type technology companies to the smaller start-up companies, Design Lab – Hubs to explore cutting edge technologies. Great Ideas that could be shared to speed up innovation. Different designers with different design skills can work and inspire each other, Technology Service Facilities - Ideas sharing platforms created to fuel social interaction and using the virtual world to inspire and innovate and Start-up Accelerator – Designed as very small WeWork start-up companies with share communal working spaces.