Location: Dubai, UAE

Completion Year: 2022

Client: SunTour Group, UAE

Interior Design: QUAD Studio

QUAD Studio Interior Design: Sean Leung, Veronica Wong, Sufat Su

All images provided by QUAD

The Cave a private lounge, which is located on the level 3 of U-Bora Towers in Dubai. There is a bar and VIP rooms in the same facility. The lounge provides a high privacy and gathering atmosphere. The design concept of The Cave is the ocean blue, as deep and mysterious as the blue cave under the sea. The Cave is made of artistic crafted paint, leather, velvet cloth, marble and metal materials as a whole, and the design style is high-end and luxurious.

Arrival Lobby

Our team thoughtfully considers the experience of VIP, we designed two private phone booths that are fully user-friendly to allow guests to have their private calls. The corridors are surrounded by dark wood-grained stone walls, and the mirrors above bring out the luxury atmosphere. An oval-shaped display cabinet to show different collections or exhibits to match the themes will be placed regularly.

Party Area

The artistic chandelier is made by white ginkgo leaf shape in snow white colour to create a stylish space for the central party area, increasing the visual level to the contacts. The light grey leather sofa adds a bright feeling to the overall tone. Sofas are arranged around to provide a comfortable environment. The blue-toned velvet on the walls elevates the unique detail of the bar, revealing a warm lighting of a pale-yellow colour. The dropped ceiling used antique mirror panels to increase the sense of space and bring in a luxury touch. Furniture style enhances the texture and also matches the mood of the bar.

The bar is located in the centre of the party area, there are shinny art piece in the middle of the wall, which have changing effects from different angles, it likes flashing seams with the water waves.