Location: Shenzhen/ PRC

Area: 448,000 

Concept and Scheme Design: QUAD Studio

QUAD Studio Design Team: Wai Tang, Charles Ho, Kelvin Chu, Adrian Pang, Eric Wen, Tim He, Jimmy Li, Marco Chui, Yauhing Cheung, Francisco Barrera

Nanyuan is located in the centre of Nanshan District adjacent to the University of Shenzhen. The TOD development comprises of 2 mixed use high-rise towers above a large scale retail street area with underground MTR connection. QUAD Studio was invited to participate in the international architectural competition and was awarded the second prize.

The Nanyuan project integrates life, entertainment, residence, office, and transportation efficiently and is seamlessly connected to the Taoyuan MTR Station. It cleverly uses the terrain of the site to create an urban retail valley, blending in landscapes, creating a 24-hour attraction for the Nanshan district.  It aims to create a new model of people-oriented smart city, allowing people to seek a different experience in their busy city life.


The word Synergy is formed by the fusion of Synthesis and energy, which means the renewal of the community. It targets to reunite the people, to improve the quality of life, so we named this project the Synergy park, and its abbreviation S-park can also be interpreted as Spark, hoping that this energetic place will dazzle in the urban context. 

Redefine the concept of urban life

Design Vision 


Inspired by the original urban village in the site, the Nanyuan regeneration project taken the essence of the Ling Nan architecture, such as the spatial qualities and urban texture, and express them in a modern way. Implanting a series of cubes which integrates with digital art and green landscape, sunken plazas and terraces are designed to incorporate the large amount of underground retail, creating a 3-dimensional immersive retail valley. 

The masterplan maximised the transport connection advantage of the site, the masterplan provides all weather seamless MTR connection, with multiple ground floors design. The 24 hours commercial hub will become an attractive destination for young people in Shenzhen. 

Iconic Twin Tower

The landmark twin towers are arranged diagonally, facing Nanshan Avenue and Taoyuan Road, maximising their visibility and value.  The towers are composed of boxes, stacked and interlocked to create an iconic form, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Nanshan.