Location: Foshan PRC

Area: 240.000 

Client: Times China

Design Team: Kelvin Chu, Wai Tang, Jayden Qiu, Tim He, Yolanda Xian, Chris Chen

Involvement: Façade Design 

The Times TIC project is located in Foshan near Qiandeng Lake, it is a mixed use masterplan with an total GFA of 1.3 Million Sqm, combining office park, retail, education, cultural and residential development. In 2020, QUAD Studio was the winner of an international competition to design the façade of the office park of the TIC, and later appointed to do the façade detail design stage. In 2022, the construction of the plot A1 has been completed.

The office park is targeted to provide working spaces for new high tech companies in Foshan, with different office types such as towers, mid-rise and individual blocks. The masterplan is planned with large amount of green spaces such as courtyards and parks in between the office blocks.

The façade concept is to insert a series of boxes for important entrances or lobbies, which would break down the generic façade.  For the larger office blocks, the aluminium frames break down the scale and give a sharp and crisp feeling to the office blocks which is very suitable for the image of the tech companies. For the smaller blocks, red bricks were used as the main material, as it is intended to create a more human scale feeling. The ‘random’ façade pattern integrated with smaller windows and balconies, created an interesting contrast to the larger office buildings.