Chengdu NBD Centre


In September 2021, QUAD studio won one of the most iconic architectural competitions in Chengdu in that year, the Chengdu NBD Centre. In collaboration with Dalu Architecture, our design was chosen from a list of international architectural firms including; LAB, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Arup and Aedas. The mixed-use development stands at 120m high consisting of Twin office towers, Retail and Cultural facilities clustered around a multi-level of public realm.

Location:  Jiaozi Park, Chengdu, PRC

Area: 171,650m2

Client: Chengdu Media Group

Concept and Scheme Design: QUAD studio x Dalu Architecture

Environmental Design Consultant: Atelier 10

QUAD studio Design team: Kelvin Chu, Wai Tang, Adrian Pang, Eric Wen, Schnee Li, Yolanda Xian, Tim He, Jimmy Li, Marco Chui, Shizhao Li, Maggie Yang, Larry Liu, Bobo Chan and Francisco Barrera

All images by: SAN and QUAD


Located close to Jiaozi Park, Guixi Ecological Park and the Jinjiang River, the Chengdu NBD Centre it is one of the first of many iconic projects in the Jiaozi Park business district and an important fulcrum of a world park like business district in Chengdu. As an extension of the park into the development, our goal was to create a new Cultural Icon for Chengdu and a place of destination with a green low carbon public realm for the city.


Site Context

Chengdu like other first tier cities in China is congested with vehicular traffic. During the inception of this competition, the site was still a virgin land with metro line 6 and 9 under planning stage. Here is an opportunity respond to this congestion by looking into way of reducing above ground traffic. It was imperative at the design stage to seamlessly connect to the adjacent stations resulting to a fully integrated Transport Orientated Development (TOD). Also, underground linkages including underground road networks and connection to public transportations is an attempt to reduce above ground traffic and allows opportunities to free up the ground plane for pedestrian use.  


Master Planning

Being the first development in this new financial district means there is no way of knowing the adjacent context. To maximise frontage towards the Jinjiang River, we pushed the Iconic twin tower toward the north western corner of the site allowing visual connection to Jiaozi Park. Below ground we allowed multiple pedestrian connection to the adjacent plots and metro lines.



The NBD centre is divided into 3 distinctive sections, Below Ground, Podium and Main Towers all interconnected by pockets of public realm. The below ground retail connects the underground connections and metro lines into the development. A large sunken civic plaza draws visitors to the ground level where multi-level linkages take visitors to retail and cultural attraction within the podium levels. The main towers are designed house various types of digital media and cultural offices, digital art gallery and exhibition centres.

Architectural Concept

Inspired by the blending mountainous terrain of Sichuan and the beautiful manmade contour landscapes, we create an artistic interpretation of ‘mystic mountains above the cultural valley’, a perfect backdrop of Jiaozi Park.


Together with world class environmental consultant Atelier 10, we devised a breathing façade to maximize natural ventilation for most of the year as well as exploring way to achieve PRC 3 Star Green Building. With grey water collection and multi-level green roof system.



Apart from being a fully breathing façade, we explored ways of creating developable surfaces to minimise curve glazing and an elegant way to integrate media LED into the façade.