Contraflow - Xian Luxury Apartment:

Xian has transformed itself into an ‘International’ city and the cultural hub of China’s Northwest. Located on the south eastern corner of Xian, Qujiang New District is the hub of the hub is an economic centre with arts, luxury shopping, tourism and 5-star hotels. Central government has aspirations to make Qujiang western China’s “Number One Cultural Brand”.


Location : Xian, PRC

Area : 72,500 m2

Client : Undisclosed Client in Xian

Design and Project Architect : QUAD studio

QUAD studio Design Team : Charles Ho, Wai Tang, Kelvin Chu, Eric Wen, Adrian Pang, Tim He, Shizhao Li

All Images by : Silkroad and QUAD

Located in the heart of Qujiang, our development is designed to cater for an influx of upper-class residents wanting a second home in the heart of this new cultural hub.



Consisting of 4 luxury residential blocks the apartments range from 280m2 to 680m2. An exclusive private clubhouse and specialty restaurants occupy the podium levels. The development promises the next level of luxury and exclusivity.


Inspired by the flowing waters of the Qujiang Lake, we created a cluster of residential apartments with fluidly flowing balconies juxtaposed together in a shifting rhythm resembling ripples on the water surface.

The combination of reflective glass and natural anodized aluminium creates a shimmering effect during daylight whilst at night time, the ambient lighting features shows off the curvilinear profiles.